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  • 3rd Anniversary of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

    Yesterday was the 3rd Anniversary of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated the Tōhoku region. It is important to remember that there are still hundreds of thousands of people displaced and living in temporary accommodation, unable to return to their homes. Many have been affected by radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor meltdown and […]

  • Creative Markets – July 28!

  • Next Market: Creative Markets Springwood May 26, 2013

  • Next Market: Creative Markets Springwood April 28, 2013

  • Busy Busy Busy

    I’ve had a busy few weeks doing both the Home Style Market at Sherwood, and the West End Twilight Markets. In fact, I’ll be downstairs at the Home Style Market again this Saturday 3pm – 7pm, at Sherwood State School. I’ll have my usual aromatherapy soy candles, and crocheted tea towels along with some beanies, cards, and something brand […]

  • Big News

    Lately, I haven’t been giving this blog the love and attention it deserves. BUT, it has been for a very good reason; I’ve been working on a number of exciting projects. I baked and decorated a Red Velvet cake for Kyra and Steve’s engagement party, AND I have turned 4006things into a Market Stall! As […]

  • A year on – Remembering the Japanese Tsunami

    On 11 March 2011, at 2.46pm (JST) a magnitude 9.0 Earthquake rocked the Touhoku region of Japan marking the beginning of a disaster of unimaginable proportions. Soon after, a Tsunami swept through coastal towns leaving 15000 people dead or missing, and triggering a Nuclear incident that is now known to exceed the Chernobyl disaster in severity. A […]

  • Mexican Fiesta

    I like Mexican food. Good, authentic Mexican food that is… which seems to be quite en vogue in Brisbane at the moment. Having said that, Montezuma’s is a guilty pleasure of mine (and a couple of my good friends). A few years ago, Gourmet Traveller magazine (another guilty pleasure) had a fantastic feature on homestyle […]

  • Merry Christmas or other holiday!

    You may have missed it, but it is Christmas – I know it crept up on me. It is tradition in our family to have a glazed ham at some point whether on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This year as we were going the Griswold Birks Family Christmas at Buderium on the big day, we […]

  • William John Northover 1929 – 2011

    Bye Grandpa. Love you heaps. Miss you already.